Drunken risotto

So last week I was sort of on a mission cook a nice meal Friday or Saturday night with friends.  So much so that wifey was less than pleased when I alerted her of this only about an hour and a half before our guests were to arrive.  We survived.  And ended up with a great meal.

I made bacon wrapped, jalapeno stuffed shrimp[ baked in some sweet onion sauce as an appetizer, it turned out awesome.  I had made this several times with dove as opposed to shrimp, which made it a little bit difficult.  The shrimp was a tad overcooked in trying to get the bacon cooked through in the oven, but nobody seemed to give a shit as they were gone… quickly.

I had gone to the store looking for some interesting frozen fish to prepare as I had tried some frozen halibut last week that turned out pretty well.  They didn’t have anything except catfish so I went with Swai, which is a Vietnamese catfish.  It is a lot more delicate than regular catfish so I was able to stuff it and pack it full of flavor.  Stuffed with a sort of crab, jalapeno stuffing which was better than the fish I think.

I also made a mushroom risotto that I had tried before and turned out well.  I had made it in the past with truffle oil, but since Bourdain has told me that it is “evil, evil shit.”  I have stopped using it.  I did however use an entire bottle of white wine to cook it with, substituted this for chicken broth and it definitely helped.  As did the fresh mushrooms.

We banged it out with King Cake from Haydel’s bakery in New Orleans.  They make and deliver the best king cakes in the world.  If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

“I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation.”

Raw bacon wrapped, stuffed shrimp.

Risotto Paraphenelia

One of my keys to success.

Stuffed Swai

Sauteed Mushrooms about to get dunked in Risotto.


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A word on salads… and Cheeseburgers.

So essentially there are only two salads in the world that I really enjoy.  One is a Caesar Salad from Eatzi’s with bacon and grilled chicken and the other is the Outback Steakhouse side salad with Tangy Tomato Dressing.  I think they are both perfect and they are the only real ways that my body intakes any sort of green leafy raw materials.  They both also include tons of oil and cheese… the good stuff.  Is this wrong?

I understand the fact that there are plenty of bad things in these two particular salads, but they still have the good stuff too right?  They are still better than a double double at Bootsburger’s, even if lettuce and tomato come on the burger right?

I had a Caesar salad from Eatzi’s today and felt so good about it that I did not eat anything at all tonight, which is somewhat disappointing…. but just wanted to maintain my healthy track of the day.  Am I being crazy?  Any thoughts?

“The belly rules the mind.”

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Just some shit about cooking.

So this is just an idea I had, while reading Ad Hoc at Home, Thomas Keller’s excellent book on becoming a great home chef and some little tricks to making it easier.  He says that cooking at home can and should be more relaxed than cooking at a restaurant.  The point is the experience of transforming the food into something tasty, or cool or whatever.  Or even just the visiting around the kitchen with some icy Maker’s while something is on the grill.  So I thought, why not.  This will be an ode to my personal cooking, along with some of Krissy’s I’m sure.  I will include pictures often, and recipes less often, but hope to hear your thoughts.

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

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