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A word on salads… and Cheeseburgers.

So essentially there are only two salads in the world that I really enjoy.  One is a Caesar Salad from Eatzi’s with bacon and grilled chicken and the other is the Outback Steakhouse side salad with Tangy Tomato Dressing.  I think they are both perfect and they are the only real ways that my body intakes any sort of green leafy raw materials.  They both also include tons of oil and cheese… the good stuff.  Is this wrong?

I understand the fact that there are plenty of bad things in these two particular salads, but they still have the good stuff too right?  They are still better than a double double at Bootsburger’s, even if lettuce and tomato come on the burger right?

I had a Caesar salad from Eatzi’s today and felt so good about it that I did not eat anything at all tonight, which is somewhat disappointing…. but just wanted to maintain my healthy track of the day.  Am I being crazy?  Any thoughts?

“The belly rules the mind.”

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Posted by on February 1, 2012 in Healthy?